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Group and Private training and instruction in the fields of health, fitness, strength/conditioning, flexibility, pilates, circus arts, and injury rehabilitation and prevention; Entertainment services available, as well.

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Leg Injury

Physio / Rehab

Back Massage

Therapeutic Massage

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Training & Conditioning

What Our Customers Say

You were able to diagnose exactly what was happening with my body when I started training for NCIS: Hawai'i and you kept me ready and prepared for whatever the season threw at me physically. Mahalo!!!

Vanessa Lachey

I had the pleasure of being treated by Kristi when I was filming a movie centred around Mixed Martial Arts that was very physically demanding on my body. I can truthfully say that having Kristi there was instrumental to my performance and recovery. Not only is she extremely kind and exudes light and positivity, she is so knowledgeable about the human body and how to heal in a way that is long lasting. I had a rotator cuff injury that I accepted as something I would be dealing with forever and with Kristi’s physio I was able to work through it and it is no longer something that hinders me. Kristi treats the root of the probelm, not just the symptoms and that is something that I cherish in a physiotherapist. I highly recommend working with her!

Kiana Madeira

"I had pain for years that no doctor or physical therapist could fix. You gave me relief no one else has given me in only a matter of minutes. I can't thank you enough!

Tony Vanson

I wish you took insurance, because you fix my body better than any physical therapist I've ever had!

Jen Johnston

Incredible performer. Seamless transitions and grace.

Kelli Smith


Our Services

We provide what you need

Health, Fitness, Strength, Flexibility, and Injury Rehab and Prevention

Group and Private Sessions in Athletic Performance, Pilates, Flexibility, Strength, Flexibility,and Circus Arts

Entertainment, Sales, Marketing, Graphic Design, and available for booking as a stunt and/or circus performer for live or SAG-Aftra productions (active member of SAG-Aftra)

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